I’m busy setting up my personal homepage but

society6 is providing free shipping again, until (and throughout) tomorrow, just in case you were interested in picking up any of my Space Babies without bothering with that extra fee! :>

The store now also holds iPhone 6 cases and the free shipping thing applies to the entire site, so taking a moment for browsing through their vast variety might be worth your time (even just the bits by the artists and designers I’m following on there makes my head spin in the best of ways, hah).

There are a couple of things I intend to work on, but things happened and kept me busy - above all: England! :>
The past week was spent visiting the boy’s parents live, up north in Durham. 
Saw the Angel of the North.
Took the Coast Line up to Edinburgh where we climbed to the top of the Scott Monument and explored the castle.
Said hello to the sea at the shore around Bamburgh.
Had the loveliest Sunday dinner at home.
Had a beautiful dinner at The Case Inn in Stanley (I wish I had taken photos, it was lovely!).
Also proper fish & chips for the first time in my life, haha!

And for what has felt like ages I got shoes again that fit and don’t have holes and found a cute dress and YOU GET IT I HAD A GREAT TIME

glassxrose asked:

Is there a place to suggest animals to add to your "space" collection? I also just spent twenty minutes screaming over everything in your store. Your art is the best ever... I just love it.

Thank you for your message, I’m so happy to hear my work is loved, it means a lot! ♥
You can just let me know what animal(s) you think would be a good idea to send out to space, you can always just send me another ask here and they go on a list in my notebooks, even though I won’t make any promises ;>